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Case study: Private cloud for an advertising agency

Case study


Plej is an advertising agency that offers a full range of marketing services, such as digital, ATL, BTL and events. It focuses on a comprehensive and broad approach to briefs and created campaigns. Plej is an agency where the largest companies come looking for quality and a comprehensive approach. This has been confirmed by 6 Effie Awards so far.


The agency wants to launch a large-scale campaign in the short term, mainly online. Like every company, Plej focuses on its core business and providing services of the highest quality. Hardware maintenance, administration of virtualization or operating systems are not the core activities of the agency. Maintaining online systems 24/7 together with incident response and readiness for rapid expansion requires large human resources, hardware and adequate network access. These types of organizational and technical resources require an external service provider. One week remains until the campaign launch.


It took three days from the first meeting to launching the fully configured environment. Data Space provided a package of solutions tailored to the client’s needs to ensure business continuity and security, including:

  • dedicated servers,
  • private cloud administration,
  • the possibility of quick expansion with new nodes,
  • a link with operational guarantees (which enables scaling).

The environment was connected with the infrastructure of the end client and a smooth migration was conducted. All this was carried out around New Year’s Eve.

The private cloud platform was built on the basis of a Proxmox cluster using the Ceph distributed file system. The combination of these two open source technologies allowed the Data Space team to build a transparent and easy to maintain private cloud. The technologies used enable easy scalability of the solution – not only vertical (consisting in the expansion of computing resources of nodes), but also horizontal (the possibility of adding or subtracting nodes – both computing and data storage).

Komentarz Klienta

Łukasz Gumowski, Creative Partner, Plej

Łukasz Gumowski, Creative Partner, Plej:

Potrzebowaliśmy kompleksowej obsługi i ją otrzymaliśmy. Możemy spać spokojnie i nie angażujemy krytycznych pracowników w utrzymanie systemów w gotowości 24/7. Outsourcing usług do firmy Data Space pozwolił nam na skupienie się na naszej głównej działalności i dostarczeniu lepszego produktu klientom.


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