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Case study: Dedicated servers for an ecommerce agency

Case study


Media4U is one of the largest Polish ecommerce agencies. They create online stores, run the post-implementation maintenance and support existing ecommerce platforms.

Media4U also offers a number of additional services, e.g. hosting, business intelligence (BI), online marketing campaigns, and preparation for GDPR. The company also has its own graphic studio – all in accordance with their principle: “We build businesses, not just websites”. Among the company’s clients we can find such famous brands as Volvo, ING Bank and BonPrix.


Media4U used their own infrastructure in the server room located on the company’s premises. As part of their own competences, they provided infrastructure, maintenance of online stores, equipment service, power supply, cooling and redundant Internet connections with high availability and scalability.

However, maintaining their own server room with constantly growing needs generated more and more costs. This was due to the constant striving to improve the quality of services, including ensuring the continuity of clients’ systems. An additional reason was the necessity to periodically replace the equipment and properly prepare the interface between the network and the Internet in terms of security.

Another problem was posed by restricted mobility regarding the office location. The company’s development and the increase in employment require the provision of sufficiently large and comfortable office space. Meanwhile, maintaining your own server room practically excludes the possibility of a smooth transfer to another location.


The client rents servers, network devices and access to high-availability networks from Data Space, additionally ensuring the first line of protection in the form of physical security required by GDPR, among others.

The infrastructure responsible for over 40,000 orders daily in e-commerce stores has been migrated to several dozen custom servers at our Data Center. Thanks to the cooperation, Media4U received very high guarantees of network availability, replacement of equipment in the event of a failure within 2 hours as well as protection against network attacks. An important part of the cooperation is also the possibility of flexible expansion and modification of all elements of the server infrastructure in a very short time.

Client feedback

Maciej Wierzbicki, Head of the Systems and Networks Department, Media4U:

The transfer of our hosting infrastructure to the Data Space Data Center allowed us to achieve the level of SLA, independence and scalability that would be impossible for us to achieve on our own without significant financial outlays. In addition, the cooperation allowed for real savings, e.g. we no longer have to maintain spare equipment, take care of solutions ensuring a high level of cooling, power supply or internet connections.

Together with the hardware from Data Space, we rent the flexibility and competences of a professional team that specializes in reliable infrastructure and is ready to operate it. What’s more, employees who used to run the activities related to the maintenance of our own infrastructure can now spend more time searching for and implementing innovative technological solutions for our clients.

Data Space Our mission is to be the best choice for businesses that need to be online 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Case study
Case study: Dedicated servers for an ecommerce agency
Case study
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