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Hybrid cloud

The best elements of public and private clouds.

Use local and external resources the way it makes sense
for your business.

Hybrid cloud at Data Space



The consistency of our hybrid cloud allows for even application development and seamless expansion of existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud.

Data Center extension

Locate your resources partially in the cloud and - partially on physical servers at our Data Center

Disaster Recovery environment

Lack of protection means vulnerability of your data. Prepare a disaster recovery plan with us today.


  • Using existing customer resources (private cloud, dedicated servers) and extending them with public cloud components
  • Ability to use resources of many public cloud providers
  • Cloud bursting
  • Backup copies in the public cloud
  • Quick creation of development & test environments
  • Disaster Recovery environment in public clouds or at our Data Center
  • Content Delivery Network services, support for local resources
  • Creation of infrastructure, taking into account the location of the end customer (network latency optimization)
  • Dedicated, secure communication to the public cloud

Service includes:

  • Designing and implementing solutions based on Data Space services and global public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean)
  • Integration with services in the private cloud model (VMware, Hyper-V, Proxmox, OpenStack)
  • Supply and financing of equipment for hybrid projects
  • Provision of software license and subscription for public cloud services
  • Providing data connections to public clouds
  • Management of the entire environment

Other advantages

Cost reduction through the use of existing IT IT environment components
Designing the optimal and safe solution thanks to the experience of Data Space engineers
Continuation of infrastructure operation by our specialists in 24/7/365 mode
Your IT department can focus on business development - no need to build your own cloud competences
Data loss protection and ensuring the continuity of processes in the company
Full compliance with all IT law regulations

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