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Hybrid cloud

Reduce the cost of IT infrastructure by up to 30%

Combine the advantages of public and private clouds into one flexible solution.

Servers no longer limits you

Split your resources between the cloud and physical servers at our Data Center. Increase the available resources flexibly along with the growing needs of your company. In the event of a sudden load increase, we will provide you with system support at our DC.

Your data is available. Always.

Dedicated, secure communication to the public cloud and placement of sensitive information in well-secured structures guarantees that your data is safe and always available. The Disaster Recovery environment will protect you from the loss of valuable information and ensure the continuity of processes in your company.

You only invest in what is of value to your business

The preparation and maintenance of IT infrastructure generates high costs. The hybrid cloud can reduce them by up to 30%! Optimize infrastructure expenses simply by expanding existing resources with cloud components.

See what you get


Optimal and secure solutions, tailored to your business


Business continuity and high availability of infrastructure in 24/7/365 mode


Protection against data loss and guaranteed continuity of processes in the company


Compliance with all IT law regulations


Ability to use the resources of many public cloud providers


Quick access to your services from anywhere in the world

Comprehensive support for cloud solutions

We will design a dedicated hybrid system for your company, propose and implement the most cost-effective solutions, provide the necessary equipment and licenses. During this time, you will be able to focus on the development of your business.

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