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Case study: Big Data IT environment for an automotive startup

Case study


Price4Wheels is a startup that uses Big Data to create IT solutions for the automotive industry. Thanks to AI it offers always up-to-date car pricing and advanced analytical scripts for ongoing stock control of cars owned by companies.

Solutions developed by Price4Wheels help in the sales of both used and new cars. The analytical approach and technological background make the offered applications fully customizable and allow for scaling depending on the size of the end client’s business.


Price4Wheels works with large data packages every day, so it needs a flexible IT environment that can scale with increasing resource demand. The client also requires full service in the ‘as a service’ model along with the migration of databases to servers and the preparation of the environment by our engineers so that the former can start operating immediately.


We chose the server parameters so that, in addition to covering the current demand for computing power, it was possible to increase the load on the environment without having to replace components. We decided on a pair of SSDs configured in RAID1, 32 GB of RAM and a powerful processor from the Intel E3 family.

The system solution for Price4Wheels is based on Proxmox hardware virtualization and traditional virtual machines, each responsible for a different branch of business. Due to the type of services, the data collecting server is crucial. It uses several database engines, both relational, such as Postgres or MariaDB, and NoSQL MongoDB.

The whole environment is prepared to work with Python scripts, and thanks to taking into account its various versions, we obtained the desired compatibility.

Price4Wheels is one of the first businesses to whom we offered our ‘For a good STARTup’ pack. It combines high-performance IT solutions with a flexible selection of services. Good communication both during the design stage and subsequent implementation stages allowed for efficient installation of the necessary components, and thus the start of an IT environment closely tailored to the needs of the startup.

Client feedback

Bartosz Wieczorek, Co-founder of Price4Wheels:

We are really satisfied with the cooperation with Data Space. It has been exemplary at each stage – from recognizing our needs, building and configuring the servers, to helping with migration and installation.

We are a tech startup at the beginning of our business path. We have relatively complex processes, but we wouldn’t be able to maintain a dedicated server administrator position to handle these at this point.

Thanks to Data Space we are provided with professional IT service that we can afford. As the company grows, we will simply expand the hardware resources and the range of complementary services.

I can recommend Data Space with a clear conscience to all startups and more.


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