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Case study: IT infrastructure for an international research and tech company

Case study


Gemius S.A. is an international research and technology company based in Poland. In addition to analyzing website statistics and advertising broadcasts on the web, the company examines, among others advertising effectiveness and website user profiles, conducts market analysis related to broadly understood online activity. Gemius is also the publisher of the Gemius / PBI website popularity report. It is a global brand with a very wide recognition in Poland and the world, especially inEurope, Africa and Asia.


To broadcast ads and conduct analyzes, Gemius needs a geographically diverse yet highly accessible architecture. Correct and effective emission of an ads is guaranteed by its effective counting and checking who it has reached. From the point of view of the payer for the emission, as well as the owner of the website on which the advertisement is displayed, the lack of statistics is the same as the lack of emission, although technologically they are two different processes.

Another challenge is reducing delays. This allows for the loading of ads, statistics and other products no slower than the monitored website.

Gemius needed flexibility in the selection and expansion, as well as a guarantee of subsequent reconfiguration of servers used for broadcasting and counting ads. Their use and the amount needed depend on sales and customer activities, and the load is not fully predictable.


Data Space currently has one of the best internet connections in Poland. Our Data Center boasts access to three Polish traffic exchange points, Tier I providers, Orange, Exatel, Netia and other Polish internet providers. Connections are made both locally in Toruń and at points located in Warsaw. This network structure offers the best possible parameters – and that’s what Gemius was looking for.

Based on the Client’s requirements we have provided customized dedicated servers. Their parameters can be changed flexibly depending on very dynamic and difficult to determine needs.

Client feedback

We are glad we were able to place a significant part of our infrastructure at Data Space. The quality of access to the network and the possibility of rapid development of the environment are fundamental for our business.

We would like all implementations of new infrastructures to proceed like the one at Data Space.

Dr Marek Robak, Head of IT Operations

(infrastructure, security, integration, web)

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