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Case study: Dedicated servers and Disaster Recovery Center for an investment fund company

Case study


Millennium Investment Funds Inc. (Millennium TFI S.A.) has been providing attractive and effective investment solutions for over 18 years.

Millennium IFC operates under the authorization of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority issued on November 20, 2001. It belongs to the Bank Millennium Capital Group which is a member of the Millennium BCP group operating on international markets.


Millennium IFC needed a redundant environment with a primary and a backup Data Center (also called the Disaster Recovery Center). The most important requirements from Millennium IFC are: automation of the data replication process, constant and secure access to data, as well as the speed with which the backup environment can be launched.


The efficient operation of Millennium IFC requires a constant and secure connection to and from the Data Center. We offered a combination of two technologies: VxLAN and IPSec. Both were realized on Fortigate 30E devices.

The creation of a Site-to-Site IPSec tunnel between the primary and backup Data Center solved the problem of data encryption between sites. The placement of a VxLAN tunnel inside the IPSec allowed for seamless communication from the data link (L2) level between one part of the cluster and the other. The combination of these two technologies allowed for the launch of DRC, while minimizing the investment costs incurred by Millennium IFC.

Komentarz Klienta

Kacper Jarosz, IT Security Inspector:

The Disaster Recovery Center was crucial for us since in our opinion it providesthe best protection for the IT environment and meets the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The backup location is not everything – we also needed a whole mechanism that would ensure continuous data transfer between two physical locations, so that it would remain consistent in the event of data recovery.

Data Space introduced this mechanism and the configuration of the entire environment, as well as proposed administrative and hardware solutions and guaranteed the confidentiality of transmission – encryption of traffic transmitted between the Primary and Backup Data Center and Millennium SIF.


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