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Data Space Awarded as a Top 2021 Global Provider of Managed IT Services by Clutch

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Data Space is a managed services provider that’s been operating since 2006. From the beginning, we’ve always been dedicated to leading our partners toward streamlined IT functions to aid their business growth. We deliver a wide range of services that covers almost anything IT-related you need.

In our efforts to provide our clients with growth opportunities through technology. We’re proud to announce that we’ve been acknowledged for our quality of service. In 2021, our team has been recognized as a global leader in the MSP space.

To give you a clearer understanding of what Clutch does and why this award is important to us, Clutch is a market research platform. The agency is dedicated to connecting companies with the service providers they require to meet business goals and demands. Each year, Clutch holds the Global Leader Awards wherein the highest-performing companies in every industry are awarded for their impact on their clients.

We’re truly grateful for this opportunity, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for our partners. Thank you so much for your continued trust and support in our work.

Take a look at our latest ratings on our B2B profile:

“They were always very helpful and they had exactly what we needed to host the entire infrastructure.” — Tomek Barski, Business Development Manager, Chop-Chop

“Everything is like it should be. We are very satisfied.” — Katarzyna Ciesielska, Business Development Manager, Adminotaur Sp. z o.o.

“The most impressive thing is facilities. Their server rooms look like ones from stock photos.” — Tomasz Parzonka, Marketing Manager, IDEA commerce S.A.

We’re honored to be recognized as a top company in this space. We promise to keep this in mind as we aim for better and more progressive quality of services in the future.

Let’s discuss your IT functions today and how we can help you improve your systems. Talk to us to learn more.

Data Space Our mission is to be the best choice for businesses that need to be online 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Case study
Case study: IT environment for monitoring the Earth with the ESA
Company news
Data Space Awarded as a Top 2021 Global Provider of Managed IT Services by Clutch